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Reasons to study in New Zealand

Diversified international options

  • New Zealand's business environment has ranked first in the world for many years. In order to attract outstanding talents from various countries, New Zealand also has generous skilled immigration policies that encourage post-study work visas after studying abroad and immigration after studying abroad.

  • New Zealand’s green card is the only “permanent green card” in the world: you can keep your Chinese passport and enjoy the benefits of New Zealand’s permanent green card.

  • You can apply for a conditional admission offer without IELTS scores and pass the academic scores first.

world class education


8 national universities

Both are in the world's top 500

​ The world's leading safety index

The Global Peace Index

Ranked second

Relaxed pace of life


A prosperous metropolis

There are also small towns with beautiful scenery

Culturally diverse and inclusive

In addition to the English cultural area, there are

Population by country, Maori

Affordable study abroad costs


The cost of studying abroad is the lowest among mainstream countries;

3-year undergraduate program can save

1 year tuition and living expenses

Novel and unique educational methods


becomeFamiliar British teaching system

Classroom teaching+Extracurricular practice

Rich and comprehensive professional courses

Study and work at the same time


Can intern or work to earn living expenses

For employment after graduation

Accumulate overseas work experiencetest

Diverse international options


The business environment ranks first in the world;

Can return to the country to find employment or obtain

Work visas and immigration opportunities

History of New Zealand-China Friendship

  • The first developed country to recognize China’s market economy status

  • The first developed country to sign a free trade agreement with China

  • The first Western developed country to formally sign a “Belt and Road” related agreement with China

  • In 2021, China's Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao and New Zealand's Minister of Trade Damien O'Connor signed a protocol to upgrade the China-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement, which will also create more opportunities and better opportunities for international students' future employment and development in various industries and fields in both countries. opportunities


So how can

Studying in New Zealand?

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