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New Zealand: "The last piece of pure land in the world"

New Zealand not only has the fascinating "beautiful mountains and rivers", you can choose pleasant natural scenery, but also choose convenient international urban life, as well as high-quality international education.

Geographical location

  • The forgotten corner in the lower right corner of the world map

  • Across the sea from Australia (yes, New Zealand is not a province of Australia!)

  • Consists of two islands, north and south

  • 12.5 hours direct flight to Beijing; 11 hours direct flight to Guangzhou


​Largest city: Auckland

  • in the north of the North Island

  • Population 1.6 million, national industrial and commercial center

  • 3rd in the world's livable city in 2014

  • The city with the most Chinese, the poet Gu Cheng once lived here

  • Famous attractions: Sky Tower, Mount Eden, Bird Island, Waiheke Island

  • Average temperature: 8°C (winter) to 25°C (summer)


Third largest city: Christchurch

  • The largest city in the South Island with a population of 380,000

  • "City of Gardens"

  • direct flights to Guangzhou

  • Average temperature 0°C (winter) to 18°C (summer)



  • The total population is close to 5 million

  • Beidao: 3.7 million, equivalent to Beijing Chaoyang District!

  • South Island: 1.1 million, equivalent to Beijing's Xicheng District!

People Walking

Capital: Wellington

  • At the southernmost tip of the North Island

  • Population 400,000, National Cultural and Political Center

  • "Whillywood" has an advanced film production industry, and the "Lord of the Rings" and "Avatar" series have been post-production at the Weta Workshop in Wellington

  • Average temperature 5°C (winter) to 20°C (summer)


​other major cities

  • Hamilton: New Zealand's fourth largest city, with the famous Hamilton Gardens

  • Dunedin: the second largest city in the South Island

  • Tauranga: the new industrial city of the North Island

  • North Parr: Massey University Headquarters

  • Queenstown: Tourist Attraction


but why

Studying in New Zealand?

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