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Basic requirements for admission to New Zealand schools:

academic background

Language proficiency level

Professional special conditions

Each school is different, but the evaluation is basically based on the above three aspects; most majors require an IELTS score of 6 or equivalent;

There are eight public universities in New Zealand, all of which are among the top 500 in the world. All of them currently accept and recognize college entrance examination scores;

Students who meet the admission requirements of each school can enter the professional courses at the freshman level;

If students do not meet the requirements for direct admission, they can also complete preparatory courses first and then enter university-level studies.

The college entrance examination results are not up to the standard of New Zealand
What about university admission requirements?

Preparatory and bridge courses help New Zealand’s university journey

Your English is not up to standard and you don’t want to take IELTS,
What should I do if my classmates take TOEFL?

  • Pass a university language class

  • Language courses through a university-approved language school

  • Pass a language certificate course approved by the New Zealand Ministry of Education

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